Specialist Freight

Individually prepared to the exact size and specifications

Your products are valuable; they may be priceless, they must arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they left you.

We know that specialist freight must be individually prepared to the optimum size and specifications required: Totally protected and cared for ACC Worldwide is ready to deliver on your promises, offering specialist customs cases for your goods.

This provides the appropriate level of protection. Whether built around the project itself or in a component form for subsequent packing, they will always conform to the highest standards of quality.

The product itself can be collected from you and packed in our dedicated facilities or delivered as an on-site service at your premises. We offer:

  • Chilled and frozen options

  • Tail lift trailers

  • Hi-abs

  • Low loaders

  • Fragile cargo – air cushioned/suspension trailers

  • Hazardous Cargo

Cargo insurance

If your cargo is high value you may need more Cargo Insurance. 

Specialist air freight forwarding and supply chain logistics services

If your cargo is fragile or requires specialist packaging please check out our Specialist Freight. 

Get a quotation

We can provide support advice and fast-turnaround quotations for all your specialist freight challenges.

For shipments under 150 lbs/ 70 kilos in weight, please see our Courier Services.