Rail Freight

ACC Worldwide is a pioneer in establishing twice weekly reliable rail freight forwarding and logistics via the Trans-Eurasian corridor which connects China and Europe by rail.

Our intermodal delivery solution offers a range of value-led benefits: Lower logistical costs compared to air freight, faster delivery compared to sea freight. ACC shipping throughout Eurasia includes dependable door-to-door solutions for block trains, single containers (FCL) or multiple containers as well as less-than-container loads (LCL) on various routes.

ACC Worldwide can help reduce your CO2 emissions footprint by up to 80 percent compared to other conventional transport by road. Our smart combined freight forwarding transport solution actively takes goods off the roads and completes large portions of the journey via rail. This provides the benefit of low CO2 footprint of trains with the flexibility of trucks for partial route completion.

Freight is transported by rail on the main leg of the journey where possible. Our road based fleet handles pre-carriage and onward carriage. Reach the most remote corners of
Europe and enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery, even without a private siding.

We are working towards 100% of our vehicles being fully compliant with the Euro 5 standard. We maximise the capacity of our vehicles by combining consignments at our hubs. The less empty journeys, the less CO2 we produce.


Cargo insurance

If your cargo is high value you may need more Cargo Insurance. 

Specialist air freight forwarding and supply chain logistics services

If your cargo is fragile or requires specialist packaging please check out our Specialist Freight. 

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For shipments under 150 lbs/ 70 kilos in weight, please see our Courier Services.